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     In 1896, when Antonio and Filomena came to the United States of America,
they had approximately fifteen dollars to start a new life. Antonio, born in a small
town outside of Naples, called Valle De Celento, and Filomena, in Calabria, Italy,
continued their lifestyle of fresh farming and dairy cows in South Jersey. Through
years of organic farming and raising livestock for dairy cheeses, the tradition of
fresh cheese making was passed on.

     On a recent family trip to Calabria, Italy, our family learned about our specific
cheese making secrets, never before told. While working side by side with
"paesans" or family friends making fresh water mozzarella cheese, from the natural
curd, with the bare hands. Joey, has perfected the fresh water mozzarella cheese
process with an additional natural flavor, unique to our product line.

     The cheese line we are introducing to the public, has a distinct and award
winning flavor, to be eaten "fresh" or "melted" on Italian bread. Jersey's Own
Mozzarella Man, brings the authentic "old world taste" of fresh kitchen
made cheese with a "Twist".

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